Stand Up Paddleboard lessons in Biarritz

The Stand Up Paddle board marks a return to the origins of surfing.

The stand up paddle is a wide surfboard with extra volume and is surfed standing up using a paddle. Suitable for all ages, Lagoondy offers lessons for beginners when conditions permit.

Lessons are given by our qualified surf instructors.

Lessons start in calm water to get your balance and learn to propel and turn the board before trying out some small waves.

Stand up paddle board lessons in Biarritz
Stand up paddle-board lessons in Biarritz
Stand up paddle lessons in Biarritz
Stand-up paddle board lessons in Biarritz
Discovery Session 1 x 1h00 45 €
Mini package 3 x 1h30 120 €

Lessons last 1 hour on the water, in groups of 4 persons maximum per instructor.

Standup paddle lessons are available when there are hardly any waves (ie nearly flat). We only take bookings on the day at the Lagoondy surf hut at the côte des Basques beach. Ask the instructors if conditions are suitable for SUP lessons.
We do not take reservations for SUP lessons by internet.

Goliath the SUP for 7 riders
Goliath the giant stand up paddle

See our surf lessons and Goliath, the over-sized stand up paddle you can rent